Five signs that may indicate your IT Support provider is about to let you down.

As we slowly go in to lockdown restrictions it is important to take stock of your business future and map out plans for continued growth in a different environment with the pandemic. No matter the direction your business takes, security and efficiency are invaluable for the sustained success of your operation. Working during the pandemic and its aftermath has shown us the importance of effective technical support and how an ineffective IT service can be an obstacle to a company’s success.

The five signs given below will help you decide if your IT support provider has what it takes to see your business through these different and difficult times, or if you should consider switching providers.

1. Support during lockdown was not up to mark

Did you experience ineffective IT support during the lockdown period? As businesses went into work from home mode, it was a scramble to ensure a smooth workflow process for employees. Did you enjoy a smooth transition with your IT support provider or were they unable to handle the

changing work dynamic? Did they have the right tools and experience to ensure uninterrupted work for you and your employees and were they able to adapt to the changing needs quickly and efficiently? Keep in mind that working from home or remote working will be the norm for many till such time the pandemic is under control, so it is important to look at the long term support capabilities and adaptability of your provider.

2. Were they able to adapt?

The sudden change to working remotely was a good indicator for many businesses regarding the ability of their IT providers. Was your IT support able to come through and prove their flexibility and adaptability to the sudden and immediate IT requirements that were different to those prior to lockdown? Unfortunately, many businesses had to undergone harsh changes from loss of business to loss of benefits to retrenching staff. All these situations called for a different work ethic both mentally and manually as some had to take on more work to meet company needs. Work hours changed and the need for seamless connectivity became imperative. Did your IT support provider adapt to all these changes and are they flexible in their approach to your new requirements?

3. Lack of proper communication

Did you feel a flow of communication with your IT support team during the lockdown or were you faced with a lot of technical jargon excuses as to why they could not support you properly?

You should not have to chase behind definitions during a time when you simply need straightforward and dependable support. You should have a communication system where you explain your need and your provider will in simple terms explain what you will need to achieve it. A clearly defined and well thought out process reduces a lot of the stress from the decision making process.

4. Was there any value addition?

With the immense changes that most business work environments have undergone business goals and plans have also had to shift and change to survive. Has your IT Support partner been proactive and a supportive and valuable partner during these ongoing changes? Were they helpful with their suggestions and ideas towards enabling your business to handle the sudden environmental changes? Did you experience a proactive understanding of your business goals and path? Basically, your IT support provider should be as invested in your company’s growth and success as you are, as it is in their best interest as well.

5. You have lost confidence

As mentioned before, the lockdown period was a time of upheaval, a make or break situation for many. Those who not only survived but thrived were the companies that were able to get their business online within a short period of time. To do this they would have been supported completely by their IT support partners. If you did not experience this smooth transition to a completely online work platform and if you did not feel 100% supported then you should not really have confidence in your IT support partner being able to support your business goals in the long run. If they do not understand your company objectives and are not proactive in their responses and solutions, then they are probably not the correct partner to guide your business towards continued success.

Times are too uncertain for a business not to have a strong support foundation moving forward.

If you understand that you need to switch IT partners and would like to find out how we can help your business to succeed and grow, then please do get in touch with us today.

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